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Techie Terms

As with most industries, there is quite a lot of jargon we use to describe the work we do and the technical world we inhabit.

At Keep It Simple Sites, our job is to make this part of your life easy so you can concentrate on running your business.

In case you are wondering however, here are a few definitions of the techie terms you may have seen on our website:

  1. Catch-all Email Account
  2. Domain Name
  3. Dropdown Menus
  4. GoogleMaps
  5. Hosting
  6. Page Rankings
  7. Search Engine
  8. Web Server
  9. Website Statistics

Catch-all Email Accounts:

A catch-all email account is simply an email account that will receive emails for any recipient on your website without the need to set up specific accounts.

As an example, if you have a domain name "yourdomain.com.au", you can tell someone to send you an email to "support@yourdomain.com.au" or "Spring_Bride@yourdomain.com.au" and your catch-all account will receive the email as if it was a "real" email address.

Domain Name:

A domain name is just a fancy term for a website name. KISSites.com.au is an example of a domain name.

You can buy the rights to "own" a domain name for a period of time (such as 2 years). While you "own" the domain name, you can set up web hosting to let people see your website and email hosting to receive emails.

Dropdown Menus:

A dropdown menu is a list of pages on your website that appears when the mouse moves over a part of your website.

On this website, when you move your mouse over the "Packages" button on the top menu a dropdown menu shows you the different packages we have available.


GoogleMaps is a service offered by Google (the search engine people) to show maps and satellite photos of the world.

Businesses can list themselves on the Google Business Directory to show where they are in the world.

Check out our "Contact Us" page for an example of our own GoogleMaps business listing.


To give your website somewhere to live (a place where people from around the world can be directed to in order to see it), you need that site to be "hosted".

Where you "host" your website is important ... if you have a lot of local users, they usually experience a faster download if the site is hosted near them and on a quality network and server.

Page Rankings:

When someone uses a search engine, the results they see are ordered by a priority determined by the search engine itself.

The aim of any website that wants to be "found" through search engines is to have the highest possible page ranking for its important pages (meaning that a user is more likely to see and subsequently click on a link in a search engine to take them to your website).

Despite some claims, there is no surefire way to guarantee top page rankings across the board (if there was, everyone would do it and no-one would benefit more than anyone else) - however there are certain ways to help increase your page ranking by applying good design principles from the start.

Search Engine:

A search engine is a website that allows internet users to type in questions or search terms and shows a set of results that match those search terms.

Google is probably the most famous search engine in the world at the moment.

Web Server:

A web server is a computer that has been set up to "host" websites.

Website Statistics:

Website statistics give you an idea of how many people have looked at your website in a given period (this month, for example), as well as which pages are the most popular and even what they typed into search engines in order to find your site.







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